A Lost Angel

A Lost Angel

There was once a boy, with a beautiful smile and a warm heart

He used to smile so bright and laugh so hard that it was contagious

Everyone wanted to be friends with him and he wanted to be friends with them too

He liked you, no matter who you were because he didn’t judge anyone

He would be the one to help you when no one else would

He would be the one to stick up for you when everyone else would be too afraid

He wasn’t part of the crowd

Some say he was an angel

But then, as the boy grew older, he lost his ways

His heart grew cold and he got lost in the crowd

And he couldn’t find his way back

He tried to get out but they kept pulling him in

She tried to help him, and he tried to grab her hand

But he couldn’t reach and he gave up

She kept trying, but he didn’t want her help anymore

He turned around and walked away from her

And she loved him still, even if his heart had changed

And she continued to love him as he went deeper into the crowd

But eventually, he was too deep that she couldn’t see him anymore

He didn’t want to go back, and as years went on, she accepted his decision

But she still hopes that one day he would return to her

No matter how long it takes, she would wait

She would wait for her angel


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