Arts & Entertainment Editor of Her Campus Temple | February 2017 – Present

Every week, I am required to think of pitches for writers to pick up. I also edit articles, provide feedback to writers, and effectively communicate with the Senior Editors and President to publish the articles.

Her Campus Arts & Entertainment Staff Writer | October 2016 – December 2016

Before becoming a section editor for Her Campus Temple, I was a Staff Writer, where I wrote weekly articles about Arts & Entertainment.

Social Media Coordinator of Society19 Temple | September 2016 – Present

I manage all of Society19 Temple’s social media pages, including their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I schedule and publish articles every day for Facebook, follow students on Instagram and Twitter, and also engage with the students and organizations on social media by retweeting or reposting their content on to our pages. I also promote our articles on Twitter and Instagram as well. I also regularly publish Society19 articles to  the Temple University class pages, where the articles receive hundreds to even thousands of views. I communicate with the rest of the Society19 Temple and encourage them to share their articles on social media as well.

Writer for Society19 | June 2016 – Present

I am required to write two articles every month for Society19. The articles are about college life at Temple University, and each article is broken up into bullet points to make it easier to read.

Social Media Editor of CelebMix | July 2016 – Present

I regularly post the latest news about pop culture, including celebrities, TV, music, and movies, to CelebMix’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. To interact with our readers, I create Twitter polls and post questions, as well as reply to their Tweets. I have also live Tweeted several events, including the 2016 Teen Choice Awards, the 2016 Miss America Awards, and several America’s Got Talent live shows.

Social Media Editor of CelebMix5SOS | September 2016 – Present

CelebMix5SOS is a branch of CelebMix that focuses specifically on 5 Seconds of Summer, a four piece band from Australia. I post news and updates regarding the four members of the band onto our Twitter page. I also post questions and Twitter polls to engage with our followers.

Writer for CelebMix | June 2016 – Present

For CelebMix, I write about the latest news regarding popular culture, including celebrities, TV, music, and movies. I also write a series of articles for CelebMix including Artist 101 articles, Discover articles, Why Fans Love articles, Snapchat posts, and more. I also create quizzes for CelebMix through Playbuzz. For the “Why Fans Love” articles, I am required to communicate with fans and interview them. Every week, I also receive 1-3 emails from management teams requesting write ups for their clients. I have also interviewed YouTube stars The Gabbie Show, Ricky Dillon, and Andrew Lowe, as well as dancer and host Chachi Gonzales, regarding the Drop The Mic tour.

I currently have over 350+ articles on CelebMix since starting in June, and just two months after I became a writer, CelebMix owner Jack Crute verified me as a “CelebMix Star,” meaning that I no longer need Editors to check my work before they are published.

Writer for The Tab Temple | September 2016 – Present

I have written about many topics, such as Philadelphia, college life at Temple University, politics, pop culture, and even my own experiences. Regardless of which topic I write about, I always need to relate it back to college students. I have also assisted in reporting about Anne Hathaway’s visit to campaign about Hillary Clinton at Temple University. I captured several photos and gave them to my editor, who was able to publish a news piece about her visit immediately. The writers and editors at The Tab Temple work together to break the latest news on campus.

Writer for the Odyssey | October 2016 – Present

Every week I am required to write an article. I have written about pop culture, college life, Temple University, and my own personal experiences. I have also written about breaking news, such as Anne Hathaway’s visit to Temple University. I uploaded a video that I took of the event, and I also wrote an article that included several pictures I took of her, as well as a recap of the message she had for students.

Social Media Editor of Fuzzable | January 2017 – Present

Along with the other writers for Fuzzable, I post celebrity news, questions, and Twitter polls for Fuzzable’s Twitter account.

Writer for Fuzzable | January 2017 – Present

Stage Crew for Temple Smash | September 2016 – November 2016

Skills & Technology

Writing & Editing: WordPress

Social Media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook



Temple University | 2015 – Present

-School of Media and Communication

Major: Media Studies and Production

Concentration: Emergent Media

Minor: Art

Former Major: Art Education | 2015 – 2016

-Tyler School of Art