Rihanna Accepts Harvard University’s Humanitarian of the Year Award

On February 28th, Rihanna accepted the Humanitarian of the Year Award at Harvard University.

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10 Things That Totally Suck At Temple University

Because we love Temple so much, we have to admit that there are some things that suck about it. So here are 10 things that totally suck at Temple University!

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What it was like changing my major from Art Education to Media Studies and Production

According to the New York Times, about 80 percent of college freshmen are unsure about their major and half will change their mind after they declare it—some more than once. I never thought I would be part of that statistic.

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What It’s Really Like Being Alone In College

A personals story from someone who hasn’t made any friends in college.

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20 Study Tips To Ace Your Midterm Exams At Temple University

It’s that time of the semester again, when all the computers at the TECH Center are full and we are all drinking a little more coffee than usual. Yup, it’s midterms week.

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The most affordable restaurants in Philly for Valentine’s Day this year

We compiled an affordable list of restaurant choices and specials happening around Philadelphia on Valentine’s Day for the average college student.

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‘Cash me outside’ and other cringeworthy emails we love getting from Temple

Admit it, you can’t wait to see what Temple comes up with next.

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